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September 2020 Outlook by Ascendant Signs

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Aries Ascendant:

This month ask of you to look for the hidden blessings in your struggles. As difficult as it may be to see the good in the bad, trust that life has a wicked sense of humor and there are mixed blessings in every situation. This is also a good month to develop discipline in all manners as the strength of your will may be tested in the challenges ahead. Do not be swayed by the many opinions surrounding you and maintain the courage of your convictions.

Your relationships: Trust and humor, is the key to handling relationship matters this month. You are being asked to lighten up and welcome adventures into your life. It will be beneficial to have a child-like attitude and a sense of humor, take a chance in looking a little silly and have faith in the process.

Your work: Patience and perseverance, is the key to handling work matters this month. You may wish to run away from all that turbulence and seek safe haven somewhere else. But you are being tasked to persist and face the challenges. Do not deny the lessons you are learning, utilize the situation to transform yourself into a better version.

Taurus Ascendant:

This month is ideal for raising your vibrations and focusing on healing energies. With Mars and Black Moon playing havoc in or skirting the edges of your 12th house, you may be prone to being stuck in gloomy energies, or be quick to anger and lose your patience easily. Going out into nature helps clear this stagnant energy. Stay focused on adjusting your attitude and rebalancing your body’s energy.

Your relationships: Balance force with gentleness, is the key to handling your relationships this month. As you may be triggered in small ways by those around you, do not match force with force, instead learn to act with peace and strength. Learn to be vulnerable so that you can communicate calmly and express your hurts, instead of reacting with anger.

Your work: Creativity and generosity is the key to handling your work this month. Tap into your creative spirit - explore, experiment and express! This is a good time to bring out and share qualities or projects that we have nurtured in private. Remain generous, share your talents with humility, and you will attract more abundance.

Gemini Ascendant:

This month calls you to be discerning in what you perceive you want and what you truly need. You may think you need something or are driven by certain impulses, blindsiding what is truly of value and worth. Do not go against your own nature to obtain that which alludes you and don’t be seduced by the surface value of things. Do understand that the more you stay true to your own nature, the more you are in alignment with the natural order of things and the easier you flow with life. Once you get clear, you are called to unlock your manifestation abilities. Be specific in wishing for what it is you want but do not dictate how you will get it.

Your relationships: A new outlook and a nurturing approach, is the key to relationships this month. There may be misunderstandings and touchiness over minor matters, do not sweep this under the rug. Bring on a new way of looking at things, ask yourself how things will look like from a higher perspective. Instead, call upon honesty, tact and a tenderness to straighten things out. Do remember to nurture your relationships, both old and new, you will need friendly cooperation to reach your goals.

Your work: Rediscovering joy, is the key to work this month. You may be forgetting the reason for your enthusiasm at work or wonder how you can be happier doing what it is you do. This may be triggered by a memory of the past where you once felt great joy in your work. Allow yourself to recollect those happy memories and find the seeds of its success, so that you may integrate them in your current context.

Cancer Ascendant:

This month urges you to reflect on your wisdom and the inner strength within you. Look beyond the superficial and into the heart of the matter. Within the depth of the situation, lies the wisdom that will liberate you from your fears. You may not have a clear picture of the road ahead but do not worry about the unknown. This is the part of the journey where you rely on your intuition and faith instead of the logic of what you have been conditioned and told. If you feel an urge to make some unfamiliar choices, do it. It is okay to defy your comfort zone and to rebel against those critical judgements that fail to embrace your uniqueness. Follow your heart but first, you must dig deep to find your voice and embrace that wisdom.

Your relationships: Energy exchanges, is the key to relationships this month. Now is the time to be aware and rebalance the dynamics of giving and receiving between you and the other. Where you may have been too charitable and overextending, you are tasked to step back to honor your integrity. Where you may have been wary or stingy of others, you are tasked to step forward charitably and nurture those relationships. Be also aware of how money factors into those relationships, as money itself is also a form of energy to be dispensed wisely.

Your work: Evaluate before deciding, is the key to work this month. You need to introspect deeply, to understand your history, who you are and where you wish to go. An important change in your career path is here or will soon arrive. Prepare ahead by getting clear and call upon the courage to face those changes.

Leo Ascendant:

This month ask that you question and come to an understanding of what fulfillment truly means to you. Blessings are coming your way or soon will, in its own timing and possibly unexpected. So learn to release your outgrown ways and make way for the next stage of your life’s unfoldment. You may also find yourself overflowing with creative inspiration, so embrace your inner artist and remember that honoring your own creativity is an act of self love.

Your relationships: Opportunity and planning ahead, is the key to relationships this month. Opportunities are being presented to you this month, either in the form of a new relationship or an offer from a friend. You may also find yourself reassessing the dynamics of certain relationships this month and making concrete plans on how to move forward harmoniously. So stay open minded and be willing to cooperate.

Your work: Improvement, is the key to work this month. New solutions to old problems at work will appear before you, releasing you of previous challenges. Or it may come in the form of an urge to leave a difficult situation behind. Either way, a new and better path emerges for you, promising much relief.

Virgo Ascendant:

This month is a big act of rebalancing. One will never know where the equilibirum is, without first experiencing the extremes of one polarity. You are encouraged to find the light where there is darkness, to discover clarity where there is confusion, to be prudent where there is excessiveness, to seek justice where there is unfairness and to reconcile with another’s opposing viewpoint. Whatever your story may be, stand on your own feet and rely on your own wisdom. This is your zen challenge played out in reality.

Your relationships: Acceptance is the key to handling relationships this month. You may be faced with disappointment in your interpersonal relationships or be revisited by regrets from a past relationship. People may fall short of your expectations or you may feel rejected and judged by others. Learn to accept that not everyone is aligned with your value system and most of all, with your own path.

Your work: Diplomacy and the middle way, is the key to handling work this month. You may be dealing with opposing viewpoints or faced with choices regarding your career direction. Take one big step back to find an alternative way of viewing the situation. In matters of conflict with others, learn that compromise is the key to harmonious cooperation. If you are stuck between two very different choices or pathways, consider a different view point where you may find the middle way.

Libra Ascendant:

This month requires you to reflect deeply on what you are creating in your life right now. Where our attention goes, is where our energy is directed to create. There are many possibilities available but we have to nurture them to bring them into reality. You are tasked to destroy old patterns and find a new approach that truly empowers you. This is a time of deep cleansing and removing what has outlived its usefulness. Know that creation and destruction are inextricably linked, so if we wish to make way for the new we have to learn the art of letting go.

Your relationships: Success in higher perspective, is the key to relationships this month. You will arrive at a milestone in existing relationships or new possibilities in forging relationships will appear. New insights into interpersonal relationships will surface as your perspective broadens and you see the interwoven connections of those around you. Utilize this time of deeper understanding and maintain a grateful attitude, to ensure success and harmony in your relationships.

Your work: Compassionate strength, is the key to work this month. You may be dealing with a situation that requires you to find a balance between exerting force or compassionate understanding. Know that true strength is a combination of courage and kindness. Defend what you must but be merciful in your dealings.

Scorpio Ascendant:

This month is about being authentic, shining your light and owning it. Don’t be afraid to show the world who you are and what you wish to express. Do pay attention to how you communicate (verbally and in body language) and what that says about your level of authenticity. Ask what it takes to be original and learn to trust your own intuition. As you individuate and radiate brighter with uniqueness, don’t forget to care for those around you and be supportive in their own efforts to grow.

Your relationships: Patience is the key to handling relationships this month. You may be faced with minor oppositions or feel irritated or unknowingly trigger others. Know that there is wisdom in waiting, so instead of reacting you will learn to respond with wisdom. You may also gain certain insights to an interpersonal relationship that leads to a reconciliation and healing of old wounds.

Your work: Introspection and evaluation is the key to handling work this month. The strategy forward requires you to look inwards, so as to deeply understand your strengths and skill sets, where you have been and where you wish to go. You will also be faced with decisions that require you to evaluate your external circumstances. Do not fall into the trap of comparison and valuing your worth against others. Recognize everyone’s unique contribution and you will find the wisdom in self-mastery.

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