• Serena Lee

9th Feb 2021 - Resilience

High Vibe: Staying hopeful, optimism

Low Vibe: Despondency, disillusioned

Today marks the start of a 5 day long square off between Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith and the Sun is at 21° Aquarius, “a woman disappointed and disillusioned”. The symbol is straightforward and synchronistically reflects the meaning of the Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith square. Like the woman in the symbol, we too may feel disenchanted and hopeless at times and today is a day we can easily fall into the dark abyss that is characteristic of Black Moon Lilith and lose that expansive Jupiterian enthusiasm. Yet this is the time for us to coral our courage and face life with resilience. Note that we are also entering the dark moon phase where intentions and thoughts have high potency for manifesting in the new lunar month or year. So watch your thoughts and shine bright despite the gloomy day.

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