• Serena Lee

8th Jan 2021 : Gratefulness

Task: Accept all that life brings

High Vibe: Gratitude, receptive

Low Vibe: Blaming, lamenting

Today’s energy is highly spiritual and highlights the importance of gratitude. The Sun sextiles Neptune, emitting the energy of initiation and guidance from above to accelerate in our spiritual growth. Mercury squares Mars typically leads to argument but at 30° Capricorn and 1° Taurus respectively, the higher frequency of the energy is that of discovering hidden blessings and appreciating our abundance. Venus at 30° Sagittarius, “the pope” symbolizes the sacredness of life. Jupiter sextile Chiron and 5°Aquarius and 6° Aries, urges us to reframe our past wounds and embrace them as opportunistic lessons in gaining wisdom.


Sabian Symbols for today (UTC 7am)

Symbol of the Lunar month “ blue bird at a cottage”

Sun at 19° Capricorn, “five year old child carrying a bag full of groceries” - accelerated growth

Mercury at 30° Capricorn, “secret business conference” - discovering hidden opportunity

Venus at 30° Sagittarius, “the pope” - sanctity

Mars at 1° Taurus, “Clear mountain stream” - abundance

Jupiter at 5°Aquarius, “ Council of elders” - precedence, conditionings

Chiron at 6° Aries, “Square brightly lighted on one side” - perspective

Neptune at 19° Pisces, “Master instructing his disciples” - initiation, guidance from higher beings

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