• Serena Lee

8th Feb 2021 - Reconciliation

High Vibe: Acceptance of flaws

Low Vibe: Coveting, jealousy, self pity

Today is a day for making peace with others and with ourselves, as we prepare to enter a new lunar month and in the Chinese system, the start of a whole new lunar year. The energy also shifts towards reconciliation after the theme of last several days involving trust between people. We do not look past the misgivings done on us but we can choose to forgive to lighten our own hearts. Alternatively, it may be us asking our own selves for forgiveness. The Sun is conjunct Mercury today at 20° Aquarius, “a large white dove bearing a message”. The energy makes today ripe for hopeful messages and peaceful resolution. It may be us or others taking the initiative to communicate that reconciliation, or we may receive messages from our intuition and higher beings that aids us in forgiving ourselves.

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