• Serena Lee

6th Jan 2021: Adaptation

Task: Improving upon the past

High Vibe: Progressive, proven ways, growth

Low Vibe: Conservative, disruptive, unadventurous

Today’s energy is about evolution and the transition between old and new. Traditions serve its purpose in preserving accumulated wisdom but if we remain stuck in dogma, we fail to evolve and embrace the new. The world is changing rapidly and the recent great conjunction in Aquarius heralds a new beginning in ideology and technology. We can no longer afford to cling onto outworn ways yet we must still recognise the time proven ways of the old. Venus at 28° Sagittarius, “old bridge over a beautiful stream” - shows that durability and transitions do not have to be in conflict. The Sun at 17° Capricorn discharges “a girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude” - highlighting the struggle between conformity and our freedom of expression. Pluto was last here in September 2017, how have you evolved since then?

Symbol of the Lunar month “ blue bird at a cottage”

Sun at 17° Capricorn, “Girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude” - shame conformity vs freedom of expression

Mercury at 27° Capricorn, “mountain pilgrimage” - perseverance

Venus at 28° Sagittarius, “old bridge over a beautiful stream” - durability and transitions

Moon in Libra

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