• Serena Lee

5th Jan 2021: Play to play not play to win

Task: Playful innocence

High Vibe: Creative, healthy competition

Low Vibe: Dogmatic, obsessive, laziness

Today’s energy about striking the middle way between an overly serious and fanatical attitude versus detachment and inertia. A playful and light hearted attitude is required to strike a balance. The main planetary actions today are Mercury conjunct Pluto and Mars at the very end of Aries. Mercury with Pluto is obsessed and determined which can lead to being productive or burnt out. Mars at the very end of Aries and at “duck pond and its brood”, is focalised in its determination and fuelling us to either push beyond our comfort zone or wall up our boundaries and protect that which we hold dear. The Sun at 16° Capricorn is discharging “boys and girls in gym suits”, helping us recognise that a healthy sense of competition is needed to accomplish our task.

Mars at 30° Aries, “duck pond and its brood” - boundaries, protectiveness, comfort zone

Sun at 16° Capricorn, “boys and girls in gym suit” - competition vs play

Mercury and Pluto at 25° Capricorn, “oriental rug store dealer”- details, mercantilism

Saturn at 3°Aquarius, “deserter of the navy” - rebellion, individuation

Venus at 25° Sagittarius, “flag bearer” - devotion to an ideal

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