• Serena Lee

4th Jan 2021: Devotion

Task: Being wise with commitments

High Vibe: Productive, determination

Low Vibe: Obsessive, idle indulgence, pampering

Today’s energy is about commitment. As Mercury inches closer towards Pluto, our minds may go into overdrive on our obligations, be it at work or relationships. We may become very productive or obsessive over trivial matters. The Sun at 15° Capricorn discharges an energy of dedication and nurturance, that parallels the theme of commitment. Be it work or relationship, today’s energy nudges us to consider or reconsider our responsibilities and the appropriate level of compassion we bring into our relationships. Mars at its very last degree in Aries still discharges a “celestial choir singing” - our motivation is highly synced with our sense of intuition, what is your gut telling you today?

Sabian Symbols

Mars 29 Aries, “celestial choir singing”- motivation from higher beings

Sun at 15 Capricorn, “many toys in the children ward of the hospital”- dedication and nurturance

Mercury at 24 Capricorn, “women entering a convent”- commitment

Pluto at 25 Capricorn, “oriental rug store dealer”- details, mercantilism

Venus at 25 Sagittarius, “chubby boy on a hobby horse”- determination

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