• Serena Lee

3rd January 2021: Inner Trust

Task: Confidence

High Vibe: Believe in oneself, diligent preparation

Low Vibe: Trapped by old conditionings, insecurity

Today’s energy is about believing in your own strength. The Sun is currently midway through Capricorn and radiating “ancient bas relief carved in granite”- we are urged to gain perspective of our journey thus far, acknowledging our accumulated experiences and how it lays the foundation for our confidence. Mercury at “general accepting defeat gracefully”, continues the analogy of inner strength and reminds us that our past failures can always be reconfigured and repurposed for future successes. Mars is now at the tail end of its transit through Aries at 29° Aries at “music of the spheres”, this parallels the energies of Mercury yesterday of higher beings assisting us and motivating us to continue moving forward.

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