• Serena Lee

31st December 2020: Above the storm, clear skies ahead

Task: Ingenuity and foresight for the future

High Vibe: Planning ahead, pragmatic

Low Vibe: Hopelessness, stuck in the past

Venus conjuncts the South Node today at 20° Sagittarius, “people cutting ice from a frozen pond in winter for use in summer.” This a symbol of using our wits to plan ahead and to overcome the external challenges that life throws at us. The symbol is discharging the energy that represents the cyclical nature of life. At the South Node, we are to reflect the ups and downs, the twist and turns and all the vicissitudes that our desires (Venus) has brought upon us. The energy today is not admonishing us to be desireless nor weary of hope, instead we are called upon to be pragmatic and strategic. Like the symbol, we are to plan ahead for the future by utilizing the resources at hand and the wisdom we have gained to forge ahead with strategy and a determination to overcome whatever challenges that lie ahead.

Today the Moon makes a brief opposition to Pluto and a square to Mars. Nerves may still be tense from the multiple astrological events that bombarded us the last two weeks. In addition, Saturn and the Moon both discharge Sabian symbols with references to the thunderstorms. The worst is not entirely over but today is the day we rise above the storm and look ahead to the brand new year with hopeful enthusiasm and a strategic approach.

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