• Serena Lee

2nd January 2021: Mystical

Task: Connect within and without

High Vibe: Spiritual, transcendence, meditation

Low Vibe: Ungrounded, doubtful, dissociate

Today’s energy is mystical and there are several symbols all involving spirituality. It is a day of quiet planetary actions with no aspects forming but within the stillness, there is a wondrous energy brewing within. The Divine is very close to us today as Mercury discharges the energy of “a hidden choir singing” reminding us that unseen forces are assisting us. What is your intuition telling you? Jupiter is expanding on “a Hindu healer” , a clear symbol of harnessing spiritual energies to facilitate our inner healing. Finally, the Sun is at “a fire worshipper”. Fire being the most spiritual of elements is a symbol of renewal and the ritual of a bonfire brought light to darkness.

Despite the relative quietness and lack of planetary actions, today is highly mystical and good for connecting with our spiritual side. There are several symbols in today’s planetary positions that indicate magic and the unseen realms. Take this opportunity to go within and to also connect with the outside world, a new insight may emerge.

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