• Serena Lee

27th Feb 2021 - Full Moon in Virgo

High Vibe: Being and Doing

Low Vibe: All work no play or vice versa

Today is full moon and the Sun at 9° Pisces is opposing the Moon at 9° Virgo, the Sabian symbols are “jockey” and “the expressionist painter” respectively. The energy today urge us to contemplate why we do what we do and how we do it. Like the jockey, we live in a society where we are forced to stand out by competitively outdoing our peers. Like the artist who wishes to be original, we are here to discover the true foundation of who we are as an individual. The key to handling this conflicting energy is to realise that we can be both the jockey and artist. Without the competitive spirit, progress in life will be slow to come and without the artistic expression to be original, we are blindly pursuing meaningless goals. Both energies are needed for meaningful self expansion, survival and progress for society at large.

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