• Serena Lee

25th Feb 2021 - Authenticity

High Vibe: Be true to oneself

Low Vibe: Timid, dogmatic

Today’s energy is about being true to oneself at any cost and to realize that the refusal to conform does not stem from impetuosity. Instead, the opposition comes from a greater vision that seeks evolution for the sake of collective goodness. This is an extension of the theme from the Uranus square Saturn theme that transpired a week ago. Today the Sun is sextile Uranus at the degree of 7° Pisces, “cross lying on rocks”, a symbol that tells us that those who rebel against traditional orthodoxy inevitably face some kind of crucifixion from the non-believers. Yet despite the outer obstacles one may face by going against the grain, one also becomes courageously empowered when uncompromising in their own truth.

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