• Serena Lee

22nd Feb 2021 - Redefining progress

High Vibe: Inner fulfillment, team spirit

Low Vibe: Inferiority or superiority complex

Today Mercury stations direct at 12° Aquarius and end its 3 weeks long retrograde. The energy today is good for reflecting on the concept of what it means to progress in life and continues the theme of “changing ideals” set forth from Uranus squaring Saturn. Is “progress in life” a sense of inner gratification and fulfilment? Or is this “progress” a material experience and frantic efforts to keep ahead of others? Can it be both and if so, how? Recall that the new moon theme is about being a collective instead of each man for himself and that Mercury went into retrograde on the note of “impermanence”. Now ask yourself, if everything is impermanent and we are one big human fellowship, what is common in our shared hopes and dreams?

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