• Serena Lee

21st Feb 2021 - Past is no more and future is not yet

High Vibe: Living in the moment

Low Vibe: Not being present

Today’s theme is about straddling the past and future. Very often our minds are caught up in the future while part of us remains stuck in the past. Like the “petrified forest” at 3° Pisces where the Sun is at today, we may cling to the past out of reliance and an inability to think beyond our limiting circumstances. Like “the people on stairs graduated upwards” at 12° Aquarius, where Mercury is at on the last day of its retrograde, our minds are constantly pointed to the future with a desire for accomplishment. Recall also that Mercury began its retrograde on the theme of impermanence. Now as we emerge from this retrograde, do you see that living totally in the moment is the key to understanding impermanence?

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