• Serena Lee

20th Jan 2021: Empowerment

High Vibe: Breakthroughs, perspective

Low Vibe: Power struggles, angry outburst

Today the Sun enters Aquarius the ruler of Uranus and Jupiter amplifies the Uranus and Mars conjunction at 7° Taurus where the symbolism of “woman of Samaria” comes into the spotlight. It is from the Gospel of John about Jesus' encounter with a woman who is at the fringe of her own society. He reveals to her that “I am He” and in so doing, she is enlightened. The message today is this - wherever in life you feel out of place, today’s energy is ripe for you to break free of its constraints and rebel against that which holds you down. It could be a mental construct or it can be a circumstance but today is not a day of conceding, but a day of awakening to your inner authority.

Sabian Symbols for today (UTC 6am)

Symbol of the Lunar month “woman entering a convent”

Sun at 1° Aquarius, “an old adobe mission” - formation of ideals

Mercury at 19° Aquarius, “forest fire quenched” - solutions

Venus at 15° Capricorn, “many toys in the children ward hospital” - dedication and nurturance

Mars at 7° Taurus, ““woman of Samaria”- new quality of being, awakening

Jupiter at 8° Aquarius, “beautifully gowned waxed figure” - vanity, idealization, putting on a show

Saturn at 4° Aquarius, “Hindu healer” - therapy, healing

Uranus at 7° Taurus, “woman of Samaria”- new quality of being, awakening

Chiron at 6° Aries, “Square brightly lighted on one side” - perspective

Neptune at 19° Pisces, “Master instructing his disciples” - initiation, guidance from higher beings

Pluto at 25° Capricorn,”oriental rug dealer” - details, mercantilism

Black Moon Lilith at 11° Taurus, “woman sprinkling flowers” - cultivation

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