• Serena Lee

20th Feb 2021 - Team Spirit

High Vibe: Joy from seeing others succeed

Low Vibe: Strife, easily discouraged

Today is another day of multiple astrological actions. Venus moves to the degree of the New Moon and continues to square Mars while Uranus is still at square to Saturn. Recall again that the new moon theme is about working together as a collective and so the energies today ask that we reflect on the notion of competition and the reality of our dog eat dog world today. We all harbour ambitions to advance in our lives and we all encounter competition in whichever field we are in but we all vary in our approach towards competition. We may be overly timid and cautious, or we may be overly aggressive and dominating. Whichever extreme, the energies today work off yesterday’s theme of correctly valuing oneself and ask that we consider what it takes to be in healthy competition.

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