• Serena Lee

1st January 2021: Beginner's Mind

Task: Accelerated growth

High Vibe: Adventurous, forward planning, ignoring judgement of others

Low Vibe: Cynical, overwhelmed by challenges, unwilling to try new things

Today’s energetics is perfect for strategizing the year ahead. With Mercury at sextile to Neptune and discharging “a child of 5 years carrying a large grocery bag” and “magic carpet” respectively, we may be full of determination to chew off more than we can handle and to dream big. With the Sun still in Capricorn and at the degree of “student of nature learning”, a sense of adventure is in the air and we are more willing to explore and learn new things. Mars continues to be at the degree of “a large disappointed audience”, urging us to not care about what others may think of us and to be willing to question the unspoken expectations we place upon ourselves and have it be colored by the opinions of others or social norms.

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