• Serena Lee

19th Jan 2021: Ambitions

High Vibe: Determined, enterprising, cooperative

Low Vibe: Unmotivated, jealousy, defeatist

Today’s energy takes up the theme of the lunar month by a notch, from commitments to ambition. What is our ideal version of prosperity and how fired up are we to achieve it? Today also begins a 5 day long double activation of Uranus with Jupiter squaring it and Mars coming into conjunction. Sudden changes in the house where Uranus transits may happen. Mars at 6° Taurus, “bridge being built across a gorge”- is about conquering all obstacles. The Sun at the very last degrees of Capricorn, discharges the energy of hidden opportunities that we have yet to uncover and Mercury urges us today to be on alert as we pay attention to sudden flash of insights. On the flip side, heightened Martian energy coupled with erratic Uranus today could lead to aggressive competitive spirit that blows up in conflict, so keep focus on the bigger goals and drop the pettiness.

Sabian Symbols for today (UTC 6am)

Symbol of the Lunar month “woman entering a convent”

Sun at 30° Capricorn, “Secret business conference” - hidden opportunity

Mercury at 17° Aquarius, “watchdog standing guard” - loyalty, heighten awareness

Venus at 14° Capricorn, “ancient bas relief carved in granite” - foundation, limitations

Mars at 6° Taurus, “bridge being built across a gorge”- achieving the impossible

Jupiter at 8° Aquarius, “beautifully gowned waxed figure” - vanity, idealization, putting on a show

Saturn at 4° Aquarius, “Hindu healer” - therapy, healing

Uranus at 7° Taurus, “woman of Samaria”- new quality of being, awakening

Chiron at 6° Aries, “Square brightly lighted on one side” - perspective

Neptune at 19° Pisces, “Master instructing his disciples” - initiation, guidance from higher beings

Pluto at 25° Capricorn,”oriental rug dealer” - details, mercantilism

Black Moon Lilith at 11° Taurus, “woman sprinkling flowers” - cultivation

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