• Serena Lee

18th Feb 2021 - Satori

High Vibe: Peaceful, compassionate

Low Vibe: Squabbles, ill will

Today’s energy is polarizing. On one level, the energy is one of frustration and divisiveness but at a deeper level it is highly mystical and is easy to meditate into “oneness”. Recall that the theme for this lunar month is the legacy we create and our collective fellowship. Today’s energy revisits this theme and asks that we reflect deeply and transcend any differences with others. The Sun is at 30° Aquarius, “field of Ardath in bloom”, this is in reference to Marie Corelli occult novel of ancient Babylon and refers to the paradoxical nature of our individual form and the unity of consciousness. Contact from higher beings with special messages occurs to those who can access this level of oneness today.

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