• Serena Lee

17th Jan 2021: Bird messages

High Vibe: Awakening, insights, community

Low Vibe: Unsettled mind, confusion, isolation

Today is highly symbolic and the theme of birds is synchronistically resonating across the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Birds are known to be messengers from above and augury is an ancient Roman practise of predicting omens from the behaviour of birds. On a day where Uranus and Jupiter squares off at dual degrees of spiritual rebirth - the message today comes with special guidance to jolt us into greater awakening. It is a potent day for downloads and insights, although our minds may go into overdrive before arriving at eureka. Issues on community, our place in this world and how we support our loved ones crops up today. Insights on such matters will lead to a deeper understanding of our destiny and reaffirm our commitment to the path, which is the theme for this lunar month.

Sabian Symbols for today (UTC 6am)

Symbol of the Lunar month “woman entering a convent”

Sun at 28° Capricorn, “large aviary” - community, many inner voices

Mercury at 15, “two lovebirds sitting on a fence” - loyalty

Venus at 11° Capricorn,”large group of pheasants” - commonality, good luck

Mars at 5° Taurus, “widow at an open grave” - grief

Jupiter at 7° Aquarius, “child born of an eggshell” - spiritual rebirth

Saturn at 4° Aquarius, “Hindu healer” - therapy, healing

Uranus at 7° Taurus, “woman of Samaria”- new quality of being, awakening

Chiron at 6° Aries, “Square brightly lighted on one side” - perspective

Neptune at 19° Pisces, “Master instructing his disciples” - initiation, guidance from higher beings

Pluto at 25° Capricorn,”oriental rug dealer” - details, mercantilism

Black Moon Lilith at 10° Taurus, “red cross nurse” - emergencies, rescue

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