• Serena Lee

17th Feb 2021 - Uranus squares Saturn Part 1

High Vibe: Transformation, shifting ideals

Low Vibe: Frustration, giving up

Today marks the first of three squares between Uranus and Saturn, the highlight of this year. Transformation is at hand, specifically our notions of what constitutes role models and the courage to go against the grain. On one hand, the energy is one of frustration, feeling stuck and oppressed by circumstances. We may feel that our plans are not working out and that our methods are ineffective in producing the results we wish to see, whether it be in relationships or at work. We may start to resent the ideals that are imposed on us by culture or whoever has authority over us, questioning what we wish to truly achieve. The key is to harness this frustrating energy to tweak our methods and allow for a better approach.

Sudden changes are to be expected for those with rising, lunar nodes or personal planets between 6-10° Taurus.

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