• Serena Lee

16th Feb 2021 - Questioning Ideals

High Vibe: Courage, foresight

Low Vibe: Blind conformity

Today we begin to feel the square off between Uranus and Saturn, the first of 3 squares this year. It can be said that the theme for the year of 2021 is characterized by this eventful square which happens once every 21-23 years. The last time this occurred was in May 2000 during the dot-com bust, with the Uranus in Aquarius and Saturn in Taurus. On a personal level, the energy of the Uranus Saturn square this month is about us questioning the efficacy of the role models in our lives, the changes in our ideals and what we deem worthy of emulating. Today’s energy is highly future oriented and we may receive/intuit intelligent foresight that clashes with old ideals that are no longer effective in producing the results we wish to see.

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