• Serena Lee

15th Feb 2021 - Live and let live

High Vibe: Staying focused on oneself

Low Vibe: Comparison, self-doubts, smug

Today continues yesterday's theme of having the foresight to achieve our goals but with the added dimension of tolerating the differing views we may have with others, be they collaborators or competitors. Black Moon Lilith squares the Mercury Jupiter conjunction today and this discharges the energy of paying attention to our own business and adopting the attitude of “live and let live”. We may not agree with others but we do not have to diffuse our own focus by unnecessarily paying heed to what others are doing, neither do we have to be in conflict with them. Basically, the energy today advises us to stay in our own lanes.

Recall that the theme for the lunar month is about collective progress and now as we begin to encounter the much anticipated square of Uranus and Saturn, we start to realize that there are issues we have to iron out before achieving this common goal.

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