• Serena Lee

14th Feb 2021 - Foresight

High Vibe: Solutions, envisioning goals

Low Vibe: Fault finding, conformity to limitation

Today is Valentines day and unlike the conventional notions of romance, the energetic theme today is about having big love for the fellowship of man. It is about dreaming big for the collective, embracing an eagerness for us to share our gifts with others and careful planning to achieve our dreams. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 14° Aquarius, “train entering a tunnel” - discharges the energy that we must be inspired by a vision of what is possible for us to achieve and the methodical planning for certain skill sets at each step along the way. With the Sun at 26° Aquarius “hydrometer” , today’s energy is ideal for finding solutions to problems that can help us overcome obstacles and achieve our goals with greater ease and grace of approach.

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