• Serena Lee

12th Feb 2021 - New Moon in Aquarius

High Vibe: Optimism, generosity

Low Vibe: Self-centered, shirking responsibilities

The theme for this new moon is about the legacy we create and thinking far ahead in shaping the future for our offsprings, the generations to come or those who may rely on us. The energy says that in caring for others, we create abundance for ourselves. So we shall set our minds in dedication to future generations and aspire as a collective instead of each man thinking for his own. Venus conjuncts Jupiter, discharges the energy of optimism but an ongoing square to Black Moon Lilith reminds us of the responsibilities we take on and the practicalities of keeping the load manageable. Saturn square Uranus points to the differing (even polarising) views, ideals and methods we have and this energy continues to heighten in the following week.

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