• Serena Lee

10th Jan 2021: Courage

Task: Self reliance

High Vibe: Responsible, independence, strategic

Low Vibe: Conforming, conflict, depress

Today’s main astrological event is Mercury in conjunction with Saturn at 3° Aquarius, “deserter from the navy”. We question our oppressive limitations today and reconfigure our thought process to free ourselves from restrictions. Alternatively, we may succumb to depressing thoughts and fall into victimhood of being persecuted by our circumstances. This is exacerbated by Mars at 2° Taurus, “electrical storm” closing into a square with Saturn. Sudden changes may occur anytime and the rebellious energies of Uranus and Lilith two weeks ago continue to reverberate defiance in us. However Mars also trine Venus at 3° Capricorn, discharges a supportive energy for transformation and the Sun at 21° Capricorn reminds us to collaborate with those who are experiencing the same circumstances.

Sabian Symbols for today (UTC 6am)

Symbol of the Lunar month “ blue bird at a cottage”

Sun at 21° Capricorn, “relay race” -collaboration amidst competition

Mercury at 3° Aquarius, “deserter from the navy” - individuation, non conformity, defiance

Venus at 3° Capricorn, “human soul receptive to growth and understanding”

Mars at 2° Taurus, “electrical storm” - crisis

Jupiter at 5°Aquarius, “ Council of elders” - precedence, conditionings

Saturn at 3° Aquarius, “deserter from the navy” - individuation, non conformity, defiance

Chiron at 6° Aries, “Square brightly lighted on one side” - perspective

Neptune at 19° Pisces, “Master instructing his disciples” - initiation, guidance from higher beings

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