• Serena Lee

10th Feb 2021 - Appreciation

High Vibe: Faith that life provides

Low Vibe: Covetting, jealousy, self pity

Today 13° Aquarius and 13°Taurus are activated yet again and unlike the fiery energies from the Sun and Mars a week ago, this time these exact same degrees are activated by the conflicting expansion of Jupiter and shadowy Black Moon Lilith. Jupiter square Black Moon Lilith at these degrees brings out our shadow sides, particularly regarding comparing ourselves to others. Self-worth issues and emotional baggage that obstructs us from moving forward confidently will be ripe to surface for us to reflect and process. Note that we are deep in the dark moon phase where intentions and thoughts have high potency for manifesting in the new lunar month or year (chinese new year). So watch your thoughts carefully.

Note that Black Moon Lilith continues to be highly activated in the upcoming New Moon and next week. Our emotional baggage may feel heavy at the moment but our loads will lighten up when we learn to live and let live.

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