My Story

The Clairvoyant Wall Street Trader

In my earlier days, I was the epitome of a successful career woman. I excelled academically, went to an Ivy League on full scholarship and graduated with a near perfect GPA. I landed my first job in Wall Street, New York and was one of the few women who became a Bond Trader in an industry that was typically reserved and biased to men. Year after year I went against all odds by proving myself and always landed the promotion I strived for. By the age of 28, I had already became the youngest ever Senior Vice President of a multi-billion Private Equity Firm.

Ironically, having reached the peak of my achievements, I felt miserably hollow. I personally experienced that money does not bring happiness. Cliche as that may be, the joke was on me. My whole framework of striving for success began cracking under the weight of disillusionment. How many other things in life did I not know? Certainly, not knowing about happiness was high on the list. What about how to be a good human? Ultimately, I did not know myself at all.

Despite making even more money, my existential angst grew louder each day. Eventually, I left my job to travel in search of meaning. After hundreds of dives in the ocean and hiking to the far reaches of the continents, I was still lost. It occurred to me that what I was seeking was not to be found outside of me and so it had to be an inward search. This was the beginning of my spiritual journey. ​

In the many paths towards knowing oneself, I had to sample many methods to validate them for myself through direct experience and critical thinking. Eventually, I concluded that meditation and divination are the most effective. Meditation is the inward path and divination clarified the outward path, complimenting each other beautifully. As I engaged deeper, I was graced with several spiritual awakenings. Each opening up channels within me that pierced the veil between this waking world and the unseen.

In an effort to make sense of this new awareness and where my life was headed, I researched deeper into astrology, palmistry, tarot and all things occult. My inclination for uncovering complex systems kicked in, and I went from being an expert in complicated financial instruments to an expert in the system of divination. Yet intellectual knowledge was only just the beginning, the next was the challenge of practice. Along the way, I suffered many pitfalls navigating the often illusory world of the unseen. Despite the challenges, I managed to find my footing and best of all, a reliable and benevolent guide when I became initiated into the Rishi lineage. 

Eventually, my practice led me towards many premonitions. One of which is, meeting my true love. As revealed by my cards even before I met him, my husband appeared at a time when I needed him the most. Coincidentally, his spiritual master also revealed to him that love would be walking into his life which further affirmed my divination result. We are now happily married and my husband is a well-regarded spiritual teacher and mindfulness expert. 

What I’ve experienced all these years have been life-transforming and magical. I've achieved enough to know that I am no longer satisfied in just serving myself. In addition, my intuitive gifts and the ability to be a conduit for source message, compels me to be of service to others. Most of all, my own real world experience in seeking capitalistic pursuits, helps me understand the antidote logic to our culture’s misplaced focus on materialism. 

“Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief.

Do justly now.

Love mercy now. 

You are not obligated to complete the work.

But neither are you free to abandon it. “ - Talmud

In the spirit of this qoute, I am now dedicated to helping others on their own life journeys.