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Journey With Clear Optics

Are we ruled by fate or are we the masters of our own destiny? We live in times where the general view ignores such concepts of fate, yet we often can't explain unexpected luck or obstacles. The authority of sciences may satisfy our logical reasoning but our heart goes hungry to make sense of our lives. The truth is we meet the Universe halfway and the key is having the wisdom to discern between what we can or cannot control.

Divination is the answer to finding that wisdom and improving one's fortune. Fortune tellers are known to foretell, although I prefer relabelling it as "Fortune Optimiser". My philosophy is that we can maximise our fortunes by mapping out the terrain of our life journey and make well informed decisions. Whichever the assessment tool; be it Tarot, Astrology or Palmistry, the ultimate goal is to understand oneself.


Meet Serena

Life is an adventure.
I should know this,
considering my own
dramatic plot twist.


How I will help you


In addition to forecasting, I also offer custom tailored corrective measures using spells and rituals. Even in the event that the reading is highly optimistic, a spiritual blessing is still helpful in smoothing the path forward and boosting the spiritual energy of the querent.

Channeled Guidance

I communicate with a Higher Power to deliver messages of guidance and wisdom. I work with the Rishis and am an official initiate of the lineage. The Rishis are the seers of the Vedas and the original light beings in Hindu cosmology. The culture of consulting and praying to Rishi is still very much alive in modern day Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore (sometimes also known as Lersi instead of Rishi) where it is now part of mainstream spiritualism.

Intuitive Wisdom

I am a natural psychic and my abilities have grown with experience, discipline of practice and careful discernment. My gifts are in clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. 

Practical Theory

As a serious practitioner of divination, tarot, astrology and palmistry, I combine both the theoretical and the empirical to formulate my own methods.

Real World Experience

The wisdom that comes with age and my own capricious journey has equipped me with both the personal and corporate experience to be empathetic and resonate with you. 



  • One complex situation. Ideal for decisions or direction. Price in SGD

    45 min

    188 Singapore dollars
  • Multiple life themes. Ideal for year ahead. Price in SGD.

    1 hr

    238 Singapore dollars
  • Clearer optics, mindful navigation and empowered blessings

    2 hr

    488 Singapore dollars